First consultation

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The first consultation with your Plastic Surgeon is of paramount importance and cannot be replaced with some written information. It is during this contact that the very important relationship of mutual confidence is established.

Your problem and your requests are analyzed and the advantages as well as possible disadvantages of an envisaged operation are discussed. The understanding of these informations will then allow you to make a decision.

Most of the time we will invite you to return after a reflection period for a second, free consultation. This will allow you to clear any doubts that might have arisen and get more information.

Possible complications are mentioned in every specific operation information, please, ask related questions.

Even when performed by the best hands, all surgery bears an inherent complication potential. Unfavorable results and complications are rare, those that can occur are:
- Haematoma
- Infection
- Skin slough
- Hypertrophic scarring (keloid)
- Thrombosis with emboli

Paired body regions (face, ears, breasts etc.) are never symmetrical and can rarely made to be it!.

At the end of the consultation, you will receive with your operation information a detailed quote including all costs.